At the North end of the Journey's End property there is a blockade and a sign that says "no motorozed vehiecles on the beach" (blockade and sign belong to Journey's End)--- a very passable road takes carts off the beach and travels behind Journey's End, passing Rendezvous, Solaria and Las Terazzas. The beach at JE is really very nice - lots of pretty chairs and white sand and it's a lovely spot for their guests.

Here's the rub --- at the South boarder of Journey's End, JE and Las Terazzas have a small fleet carts parked near the beach. These carts are routinely driven back and forth on the beach between Journey's End and Las Terazzas. Primary offenders - LT staff (management especially.)
It's only 200 feet but somehow these folks refuse to walk, and cannot be respectful enough to to drive on the perfectly good road that runs behind these properties ........... which they insist all others use.

Once in a while to do something like this for materials delivery or other kinds of unusual circumstances is one thing - we can all understand that, but this is just plain stupid.