The traffic on the beach is getting crazy, and ther is a good road alternative where we are at. I find it scary to see all the motorcycles; and when it now includes armed guys in camo without license plates, it just serves as another turn-off to tourists. I can almost live with the bicycles. Just wish half of them wouldn't be flashing machetes, which looks kinda scary too.

Re. the hunting issue, I have reported this to the police incl. exact desciptions of the golf carts and motorcycles plus the people on numerous occasions, which would make it relatively easy for the police to pick them up by the bridge; but they apparently couldn't care less.

While writing this on my laptop, i just witnessed another motorcycle on the beach. I told him that the police were writing tickets on the beach just north of me (which would of course never happen!). The llittle lie worked and the SOB turned around after threatening me with what-not. So I guess the deal is to lie and tell people that we actually have police here.