Segway is apparently working on a plan to offer north of the bridge beach tours on their wheeled thingys. Not sure if this would be organized (as wih a guide) or independent ....... an frankly I am not sure what the propulsion method of a Segway is either, but they look like a motor-beast to my untrained eye.
A man (from this company) was up at one local resort yesterday trying to convince the owner to remove the barriers so the vehicles can pass on the beach. Resort owner said "no, use the road". Segway fellow apparently argued.

It would be nice to nip this in the bud with a friendly chat if possible. Does anywbody know these folks who can maybe talk a little sense to them before we have more upset for them us and beach-goers? As much as I dislike the vehicles on the beach I also have some sympathy for the unsuspecting tourist who does the wrong thing and catches the ire of folks like us.

Suggest also that we get support from town board for a program whereby when a trades license is issued for a vehicle rental agency, a large sign must be prominently posted -
Motorized Vehicles may NOT be operated on the Beach

and that we begin as neighborhood groups to post similar looking signs up and own the beach areas where problems exist.