Agree with Tim's overall sentiment.

Would like to insert a few more items for consideration ......

construction workers (and hotel employees etc. on bikes) are workers who need to get to work //
tourists tend to be people who do not have the same compelling need and as long as they are doing something fun it does not have to be ride on any vehicle at all

On this count I think we owe more to the people who really need to go someplace than to the people who roam around just for fun and who have real alternatives on where and how to have that fun.

I noticed a 75% drop in kamakazee bicyclists when the road behind us went in. For now it is a manageable road primarily because the vehicles on it are carts and bikes.

Unfortunately the streets of San Pedro are dangerous for cyclists, and the new cobbles make it worse. Cars can now go faster, and if you do fall down you hit cement instead of sand.
Last Saturday our foreman was on his bicycle on a street in San Pedro when a taxi pulled out from a parking place and ran him down - he hi the pavement and suffered a fractured skull. the taxi driver has a neck that does not turn ------- checking for oncoming traffic may not even be possible for him, but stil he is driving on our streets.

So ------ to make the beaches safe and comfortable we need to make the roads safe and comfortable, no?