I think Diane makes some excellent points. When we first visited Ambergris Caye we were charmed by the limited number of vehicles. Coming from London, it was just heavenly. Since we've been living here, under two years, the number of cars, trucks, SUVS and people who charge around at high speeds in these new, fast Polaris type vehicles have made the roads perilous. We almost cycle exclusively and fortunately got our cycling experience on the roads of London. We cycle defensively and take up as much as the road as we can, in an effort to stay safe and visible.

Before the road was paved and during the construction process, sometimes cycling the beach was the only viable means to get anywhere. Diane is quite correct - until the roads are safer, with much stricter speed controls and a reduction in permits given for fast and huge cars (wonder how much someone would still want an SUV if it had a speed limiter on it keeping it to the island speed limit), I think it is hugely unfair to try to stop people from using the beach. If I were a resort manager I would be advising my customers to only cycle on the beach right now. There are just too many idiots out there driving drunk, speeding or who just dont know how to drive.

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