We shipped in twice, once when we first moved, including two vehicles and three years later after residency, shipped our balance of goods and a van. Our first group of things and vehicles we shipped with Hyde Shipping out of Miami. They told us our goods and vehicles had to be shipped separately. They shipped on time and as they represented, but it was a pain to have to drop our goods at one yard and the drive an hour away to drop our vehicles at the port itself. We paid about 1800 for both vehicles and another 800 for our goods, which amounted to about 4 pallets stacked.

Our second shipping, two years ago was with a place out of Tampa, Jackson Shipping. They allowed us to fill our vehicle and a 6 by 10 foot trailer with as much stuff as we wanted, and only charged for the vehicles, about 1000 for an Astro Van and 800 for the trailer. Drop it off in one place and done. They told me it would ship in a month and be there in 2 weeks. 3 1/2 months later it finally arrived. The van was scratched all up from the cargo straps and they refused to do anything about it. I would never use them again.

I believe Hyde shipping has several places where you can drop things off and they will ship. Also Sterling freight out of Houston is highly recommended. They will handle all the paperwork and deliver to your door if you want. Hope that helps some.