Great spectacle, but the plane had already won before the car was halfway along the first length.

Top Gear (the BBC motoring programme) also did a race between a grand prix motorbike and an F1 racing car, in a straight line at London City Airport. Don't know if it's on the web anywhere.

Both vehicles were driven/ridden by current racing drivers/riders, so the playing field was as level as it could have been. Conditions were dry and moderately warm (for London!).

The GP bike shot into the lead, and (from memory) was about 2/3 of the way down the course when the F1 car was only about 1/3 done. By then the car was doing around 60/70 mph and the driver was at last getting enough downforce to use all the engine's power. Prior to then he had had to be very careful with the throttle. The car then "took off" and rocketed forward, passing the bike as if it (the bike) were parked, winning the race with a very convincing margin.