Frankly I think that for Belize, the Environment IS commerce and that is the main hope we have for preserving the environment.
Take care of the environment and it takes care of you --- that is the message I think.
That message is what Alan Rabinowitz (of WCS) successfully preached to the wild game hunters in Belize when turning around their views on killing jaguars. In the end one of the main hunters turned into an environmentalist and helped start the Jaguar Reserve.
So I think we need to pull together on this and realize that Belize has one main product - nature. The day we trash that product, we have lost any edge in the marketplace we might have had.
A swamp is a swamp unless it's a "pristine wetland ecosystem" and then it's a cash-register if properly managed. THAT my friends is win-win.

Also - I doubt that CC would endorse violation of law and degradation of the environment as a sound and attractive business plan.

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