We had a great time on AC. It was better than I could have ever imagined. I thought I'd plug the people that made our trip what it was. It might help those going to visit in the future.

Denise & Jim w/ambergris vacation rentals were great. Our house was awesome and they were extremely accomadating. http://www.ambergrisvacation.com/

Simon with Lagniappe Provisioning was great - Had the fridge stocked with beer before we arrived. Also very accomadating.

Peter and Isreal with Protech diving - Great outfit - good people - I did a handful of dives with them and was very happy.

Ecological Divers - Good outfit - Larger in size - I snorkelled mexico rocks and tres cocos with them. Had a great day. Some people in my party dove with them and were happy. This is a larger outfit and comes with the benefits and drawbacks of larger operations.

Carri-Bean - I don't know the exact spelling our how to get a hold of these guys, but they were awesome. Oliver is native to AC and gives a great tour. We spent a day snorkeling/bbq-ing with Oliver. If you get the chance I would highly recomend it. We took our divers and snorkelers on one trip which also included fishing. Very laid back. Other members of our party dove with Oliver and had good things to say. It was cool to spend the day with all the people from our house and it was great for the day before we left to avoid diving/flying issues.

Waraguma makes a mean lobster burrito

Monkey bites makes a nice breakfast

BC's and Wet Willy's were lots of fun.

Tropic Air was cool. Make sure sit Co-Pilot(best view).

I don't have anything bad to say about our trip it was awesome.

Thank you to everyone in AC for making our trip great.

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