My Very First Trip Report!

Ok, so this was the busiest vacation I’ve had in Belize. We did more than I’ve ever done in one particular visit. Here goes the report...

Wed. the 13th – Me, Mom and Jana pick up Windjammer and onward to the airport we go. Met up with Islenutt and waited not so patiently for our flight to take off (2 hour delay). Land in BZE City and a measly 20 or so minutes later we leave on Tropic (well, just the 3 of us board – he he he). Landed in SP and we head for the condo where we stayed. After unloading, ended at Ramon’s and had a light late lunch or early dinner there. Jana swam in the pool. Later that evening had dinner at El Patio with Gailtor, Chloe, Islenutt, Windjammer and we 3. Dinner and company was great. Thanks to KZK for dropping us off.

Thurs. the 14th – met up with Islenutt, Gailtor, taco’s, Chloe, Windjammer and we 3. Breakfast at Estel’s was wonderful. Then a few of us went with Tulu snorkeling at Mexico Rocks. I had never been before. Different from Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley but very nice. My very first time snorkeling there without a hangover. It’s much better that way. :P Jana did not really adapt to the idea of snorkeling so she fished and caught our lunch! We did the beach BBQ at Sundiver and got to meet Ebbe. Nice guy and very nice place he’s got. Got back to town and we 3 went to retrieve our golf cart from San Pedro Supermarket (indirectly renting it from elsewhere). In the evening, we went to the HC Auction at Sunset Grill. What a beautiful spot for dining. We hung out at the bar but will have a sit down next time. Then to BC’s for a fun time and a lil sand-in-eye drama with the little one. She got fixed though and had a good time until we left.

Fri. the 15th Mom’s b-day! – Picked up tacogirl, Islenutt, Gailtor and we 3 headed for breakfast at Beach n’ Kitchen. Just before arriving we dropped taco at the HC School for the Valentine party. Breakfast was great and we got to meet sunandsand (very nice gial). On the way back to town we stopped off at the Valentine Party to grab tacogirl and Jana got her face painted. The kidos looked like they were having a really great time! We left from there, dropped everyone then we 3 went to have ice cream at Mannelly’s. KZK met us there for a bit. Then, as a one of the few surprises I had for Mom, we 3 went Parasailing (end of Fido’s dock). It was great. This was my second time to do it in Belize but this time with the new ownership, was very nice and felt a bit safer (he he he). Was truly wonderful and I recommend it! We walked down to Mango’s and had lunch (one of my favorite places for that). The place was hoppin’. Food was great and Mom loved it. Next stop was massage at Sol Spa (thank you KZK for watching Jana). It was so nice! I just love getting massages there! Afterwards, back to the room and chill for about 30 minutes before heading back over to Fido’s dock to go to Rojo Lounge. I have to admit, I had no clue the boat price to go north was so high. $14USD round-trip to stop off at every godforsaken place is rather expensive! For the 4 of us (tacofamily, Mom and I), that was costly... wow! I know Portofino has a “shuttle” so we’ll go that route next time. The food, drinks and company was wonderful. The service and ambiance were top notch and I just love it there. We 4 hopped back on the boat and headed back for town. Tacogirl and I met up with KZK, BiIl, Becky (his wife), Chloe and Gailtor at Fido’s. I just love the band they have (Justin and Juno(??)). They are really great. The boarders faded out and I stayed to hang with one-and-only, Pedro1. We chatted about the latest stuff going on and wouldn’t you belize it, I actually got his arse out on the dance floor. He told me I was a terrible dancer and I told him that I didn’t need to know how to dance – I get by with my good looks. He he he. If that isn’t shocking enough, at one point we noticed Seashell and her lovely friend (forget the name) across from the bar and he sent them over a drink each. No, I did not suggest this. He can be sweet in his own twisted way but nonetheless, very thoughtful. And thank you for the bracelet, SS!

Sat. the 16th – El Divino for breakfast. Very good and reasonably priced. Back to the room for a little swim action in the pool. Then prepare for the most memorable fun “crawl” that island has ever seen! :P Blue Water Grill was great fun, then Sandbar (boy, that place is really picking up!) then back to the room for we 3 – needed a lil R&R then I met up with the rest of the bunch at Hideway (great place!!!!) then to Crazy Canucks where I got completely drenched (I blame the chips stop for that) but all was good since that was our only rain encounter for the week. Met carbunket (sp?) and lovely wife as well as dawghead (aka Razorfish) and his lovely wife. Afterwards, over to Pedro’s where all is great and drinks were flowing. Just as we were leaving, some fire dancers showed up. They were great however, one of them had her pants accidentally catch on fire and tacoboy and I are like stuck in amazement. We’re like, “uh... your uh... pant leg is uh...” and as calm as can be she puts it out. Anyway, onward to the casino. It was great fun. Tacogirl gave me $3 (only US bills to play) and I won $8 so paid her back the $3 and then ended up giving the casino the $5 but all in good fun... well, so I thought. The real fun was upstairs... I kid you not, they have stripper poles upstairs!!! I think some of the folks were living out some fantasy’s. Very fun to watch and in good taste! Also, great band and cheap drinks. Last stop - Inkblot, the carbunkets and I ended up at BC's where we closed it down.

Sun., the 17th – Breakfast at Estel’s with tacogirl, nova & Ed, BiIl & Becky, Islenutt and we 3. Then back to the condo for a little cleanage and dip in the pool before finishing our packing and heading over to BC’s for our last stop. BC’s was hoppin’ with all the cool folks and was great to see get to see everyone upon our departure. Got to see Capt. Jeff at the airport – a real treat!!

A little shout out to some very important folks... Great getting to see taco’s (of course), SimonB, Gailtor, Islenutt, Chloe, KZK, Steve, Maya, Collette (next time I’ll call :)), Pedro1, Windjammer & Amy, BiIl & Becky, Lara, Dita & Ed, Truelover, JeahH and party, SIN (but only briefly), Capt. Jeff & Clarissa, and of course, many non-boarders. Also, great to meet inkblot, Razorfish and Donna - his very sweet wife, sunandsand, nova & Ted, DB’s son (but only for a brief moment), carbunket & lovely wife.

For anyone else I’ve missed, I apologize. It was great to see you!!

Thanks for everyone how made it special for my family! Jana loved all the attention and gifts you gave her. They will DEFINITLY want to come back with me!