Return of the Two Gringas

T minus 4 weeks -- Tuesday 19 February 2008 -- Vashon Island, Washington, USA

"The Two Gringas shamelessly solicit..."

That's right, and you heard it here first: Rumours of our disappearance beneath the waters of an unmarked blue hole are greatly exaggerated, aaaanddd--

We're doing it again!

The scheduled departure is Sunday 16 or Monday 17 March 2008, and we're actively soliciting meet-ups. Sooo...

IF YOU are anywhere near our projected route and would like a visit from the Two Gringas and a spot in the travelogue, then please post here or PM me or email themisslena gmail punto com.

The route map is posted below, and you can see an enlarged version here. A description of the planned route is on the blog here.

(And if you don't already know what the "it" is that we're doing again, or who the "we" is of whom we speak, please have a look at the first Gringa adventure // .)

So, are all the oldtimers still here??? grin


PS Here's the proposed route map:

[Linked Image]

MissLena is Galena Alyson Canada
Her email is themisslena gmail com
Her blog is at [u][/u]