Hey all! This was our best trip yet. We enjoyed meeting new boarders and locals alike. I'll keep it short and sweet.

2/23 -- Got in a little later than expected because of a lost bag that didn't make it until the next day. We did, however, hustle to Coco Locos by taxi to see klcman and Spurs at the bar with the tacos waiting for another round of skydivers to make it in. Fun! Some golfcarting with Spurs and klcman and lunch in central park. We had dinner at Portofino with immissing and KathyA. I just love the night sky in San Pedro. Even with plenty of moon, it's wonderful how many stars you can see on a boat ride up north.

2/24 -- Crawl, crawl, crawl. The tacos are masterful planners. I would be doing someone a disservice if I tried to recount all the names and faces we crawled with. Started with a great breakfast at Estelle's. What a blast. Mrs. O and I won a round of Bingo each at Pier Lounge, we hung-out at the Bayside for the first time (great place) and wound-up at Padros for great pizza and company. We were some of the few that went the distance -- my mom would be so proud. What a day!

2/25 -- Jump day -- whoohoo. If Spurs could do it, so could I. Thanks to reaper for just being a heck of an all-round nice guy. Check out the video (had to download some freeware to get it to play on the net, sorry for the advertisements) -- http://community.webshots.com/album/562638364qEJiMG?vhost=community -- dinner at El Patio and dancin with the Punta Boys at Canucks as well as hangin with Tiger, er, Dennis Wolfe at Roadkill.

2/26 -- Day at Caye Caulker with Spurs, klcman, Jim and Michelle (Betterbeer). We swam and drank at the Lazy Lizard and generally got burned and toasted at the same time. It's official, I am no longer the king of "slipped tongues." Mrs. O. was trying to mention how she was being "facetious" and it came out "fellatious" After we returned from behind the bar, I refused to tell the gang which one she really meant. Back to Pedro's for all you can eat pizza and a few drinks with skydivers at BCs.

2/27 -- Another leisurely breakfast at Estelle's before an early Tropic flight home. Booo.

Pics here: http://community.webshots.com/album/562635357liFoMB?vhost=community

I will have a Belikin -- put it on klcman's tab.