Hi everyone!
It has been a great week so far. It's pretty windy today so we are all hanging out by the pool. I took a long golf cart ride with a couple of friends after an Estel's breakfast. We too kthe "Corona Epressway" to Portofino and back. The family is with Tanisha Tours and 28 other jumpers in Lamanai and cave tubing today. Tomorrow we jump the Blue Hole, always my favorite day!
Reef Village hosted a "One Barrel" night with Traveller's. What a night! Free rum all night!
The Poker game was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone that participated! The "Cup" is still missing. We raised $3100bz! THANKS!
I made a skydive with Spurs and Otter. Dita and KathyA jumped also. It was great to share my sport with them! They all had huge smiles!
So far there has only been one sprained ankle. All is running smooth. I didn't get much of a chance to see the board members due to my duties, but it was great seeing everyone.
Tonight is the Palapa Bar party...I need a nap!
More later...

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