Saturday Morning - two phone lines are discovered to be dead (fixed-cel and microwave)
Using my cellular I call 119 to report the fault.
I am told it will be reported today and fixed "sometime next week".

For one week I have had to make most calls twice - first time it rings through but nobody can hear. Then I call again and get through. This is both frustrating and expensive (pay for two, get one ---). I have been told repeatedly by locals and by callers from abroad that it is very difficult to get through to our phones. We pay enough for them - Ashcroft makes ga-zillions on the company - as consumers it is time we made demands for better.

Phones are essential for human safety and for normal business ---they need to work 24-7.

FYI - after a bit of fussing around with the electronics, I managed to get the fixed-cel up and running again - so if you have the samne problem maybe this will help --- unplug hte phone jack and power source, let the box rest a minute and then plug back in. The look on front of box and you will find what looks like a tiny little light - you should be able to push it in and have it pop back out. that is a reset button. if you push in, let it pop out and then see a light come on, you will likely find that the phone works again.

So back to the main gripe - we cannot have phone-service be a 5-day a week utility.