Francis, Johnny & Mark
Thursday, 28 February 2008
vie for PUP Leadership

Belize City, February 27th 2008 - On March 30th the People’s United Party will hold a special convention to elect a new leader. Three of the People’s United Party’s most promising young leaders, Johnny Briceño, Mark Espat and Francis Fonseca, have accepted nominations submitted on their behalf to become the next PUP Leader. Following the announcement of Party Leader Said Musa on February 13th 2008 that it was time to make way for new blood in the Party Leadership, the PUP Secretariat announced that nominations for Party Leader would be accepted and the date for a special convention was set for March 30th 2008.

On Friday February 22nd when the nominations deadline closed, three names were submitted.

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Francis Fonseca, John Briceño & Mark Espat

Mark Espat was nominated by the constituencies of Albert, Port Loyola, Lake Independence and Collet.

Johnny Briceño was nominated by the Orange Walk North and Corozal North Constituency Committees. Johnny Briceño is a Deputy Party Leader of the PUP.

Francis Fonseca was nominated by the United Women’s Group and several Constituency Committees including Cayo West, Cayo North, Cayo South, Pickstock, Dangriga, Stann Creek West, Toledo East and Toledo West. Francis Fonseca was the Chairman of the PUP up until he accepted nominations.

The race is on and the campaign for the leadership of the Party has, to say the least, taken a life of its own.

A reform proposal has received the support of all three candidates and a number of other constituencies.

The proposals recommend firstly that the delegate size be increased from the current one in every hundred to one in every twenty five voters which the Party received in a constituency in the last elections. Another proposed recommendation calls for the Secretariat to prepare and release the list of names of the delegates who will be allowed to cast votes on the day of the special convention.

The Secretariat has announced that the recommendations will be discussed and decided on at a National Party Council.

The BELIZE TIMES, the official newspaper organ of the PUP, will with utmost respect to the values of the Party and the candidates remain neutral and will not reflect any bias towards any one candidate. In addition, all three candidates will be afforded an equal opportunity to campaign to the party faithful and loyal readers of this newspaper.

The People’s United Party is once again at a historic milestone, not a crossroads, for the PUP has heard the message of the masses loud and clear. February 7th was in many ways that crossroads and the PUP has chosen its course: CHANGE WILL COME.

Live and let live