While my guitar gently weeps.....

The music world has lost an amazing blues singer today. Jeff Healy passed away at 41 years of age of cancer. This is so sad. I love his music and have been following his career all of my life. I have actually been learning "Blue Jean Blues", one of my favorite songs he performed.

When I lived in Toronto 18 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting him at The Gasworks. He came in one night and the band that was playing was an Alice tribute. They asked if he would sit and play a few songs. The place was packed and you could have heard a pin drop when they brought him on the stage and he laid that guitar on his lap and started the opening chords. He played for about 30 minutes, then I had the pleasure of being introduced to him by the owners of the bar. It was a treat to sit and share a few beers with him.

Makes me sad.