I’ve been here in the states for over a month now and everyone is afraid to spend money – even if they have it. Housing is a mess – Many many people refinanced themselves into a place where they owe more than their house is worth. Foreclosures all over the place.
Traffic is still very bad and gasoline is US $4.49 per gallon – or higher. There is a lot of unemployment in the upper and middle income brackets. One of the cities in California – Vallejo – is looking into filing bankruptcy.
I flew from Oakland to Orange County yesterday and the four lane drive to the airport was almost deserted, as was the terminal.
I listen to then news and ask “Is that something I need to know.” The answer is almost always NO!
That goodness for this message board and San Pedro Daily where I get the real inside scoop and things that matter – hey like “What happened to the US $10 million?” Inquiring minds want to know.
I can hardly wait to get home to Belize. I could never live in the states again – we are spoiled in Belize.

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