All of this is really good info.
Yes, I looked on the charts and it shows skinny water once inside the reef. And yes we always use a pilot when available to quide us through unmarked areas. They never cost much and are always helpful with many things. The Devils Backbone in Eluthera, Bahamas has ruined the days of many a macho captains without pilots.
I talked with Damien at the yachtclub and he thought we could get in but on a high tide.

Our float plan is to leave Mobile... run 550 miles to Isla Mjueres, wait a few days... go see friends at Playa del Carmen... then work our way down to AC.
Any thoughts on stops, safe anchorages?
This year we will probably turn around at AC and start working back home. Insurance man wants us back inland US before end of June.
thanks again for all the help.