There are several supply outlets in and around Belize City for hotel/motel supplies, none of them really comprehensive or ever fully stocked. Met a lady a week ago while on a shopping trip to Brodie's on the Northern Highway. Her name is Robin and she has a company called The Added Touch. She has a nice list of some hard to find articles. She can be reached at 223-1461 or [email protected] Whereas an excursion to Chetumal sounds great, and certainly will provide access to many and cheap essentials, Belize customs is actively tracking almost everything that comes this way from Chetumal through Corozal. I have seen on numerous occasions the customs guys in San Pedro waiting to inspect luggage and packages. Just Friday saw thm seize a large box full of cartons of Benson and Hedges cigarettes. You can legally buy things in Chetumal then clear customs at the Belize border and pay all your duties there. Be warned that you will likely be subject to a further inspection once you reach San Pedro, so keep all those paid customs receipts. Good luck!