Last half of July through September it's pretty muggy and hot. We don't really have a rain(ing)y season...It rains more often, and sometimes for two days in a row, from late July through September. But it's been overcast and sporadically raining the last few days with a cold front too. The island doesn't generate as much heat as the mainland, so many times we see the storms come in over the sea, and we watch them go by, but it may rain all day over there.

In the last six or seven years, I think the seasons have shifted here, and probably everywhere due to global warming. The dry season seems to start later, and it's later in the year when you feel that first north wind.....and October (with the exception of Wilma of course) has been a pretty decent weather month. It's sort of a ghost town then, nothing like January and February, but is a good time to come and do what you want to do.

Even Wilma only lasted a couple of days...

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