We were in AC from Feb2 - 17th and this was the worst I have ever seen the trash in town. We stay at Captain Morgan's and when we came into town on our golf cart we were greeted with what looked like an explosion of trash once we crossed the cut. With all the new building going up and more and more people coming it will just be a matter of time before things will get really, really, bad. It is a turn off.

We love AC and have been coming for 5 years but each year it just seems that paradise is turning into a big pile of trash.

I totally agree that an exrra trash truck won't solve the problem. The government needs to step in and take an active role in finding a good solution to this problem. The trahs is going to breed disease and then no one will want to come. If the peopel take pride in their island they need to show it. Educate the children and the people to be responsible.

We love AC and the people and want to keep coming.