I'm getting married on Caye Caulker on March 27th (hooray!). We still have a couple arrangements we need to make, and I thought this would be the perfect place for recommendations smile

First, we need a location for a Meet & Greet on Sunday, the 23rd. There will be about 40 people, and we want a cheerful, roomy place with a way to group us together. We want to pay for big appetizer platters and non-alcohic beverages for the group, but don't want to spend more than $300 or so. However, everyone will be ordering drinks & entrees on their own, so the restaurants would make a lot more money.

Our wedding planner has been talking with Rainbow, but their quote is pretty high.

Second: We need a spot for the rehearsal dinner. Somewhere a little less casual, sit-down, moderately priced, that could accommodate around 18 people on the night of the 26th. We're willing to spend about $15 a head.

I'll be on Cayer Caulker on the 14th, so I can meet anyone or check out any potential locations. I hope this is far enough notice to make such large reservations.