from the Chamber of Commerce

The streets were discussed, with the Mayoress outlining the Town Councilís plans for paving remaining streets. Third Street (or Back Street as it is also called) is being designed to service commercial delivery vehicles, and once competed, to direct those larger heavier vehicles to avoid both Front and Middle Streets.

Traffic volume was brought up, and the letter from a resort along the street whose guests are awakened every early morning from the street noise. Big trucks, rusting mufflers, and speeders all contribute to destroying our islandís attractiveness.

Tom congratulated the Mayoress and the Town Council on the new palm trees planted on Beach Road, and the realization that traffic had to be allowed temporarily due to the water and sewerage lines being installed to the bridge. Plans for this street to be paved will occur once the lines have been completed.

Vehicles were discussed, with a concentrated effort to down-size as much as possible, and have larger vehicles carry more of the burden of road repair. Tom brought up Manuel Herediaís original hope to get taxis to use smaller vans as they need replacement and begin to standardize color and markings. Tom mentioned that Harry Longsworth, our Traffic Chairman, intended to enforce removal of vehicles before a replacement would be allowed. Mr. Longsworth also has expressed a desire to continue discouraging large or heavy vehicles.

Mayoress Paz announced a plan to have Harry become a paid Traffic Manager once the traffic authority has been transferred to town responsibility. She also announced the plan to hire 10 to 12 Traffic Wardens once the income from that area remains in our Townís coffers.