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I reckon I'll just start right now, Crazy!
From your moniker I suspect that you dive. Are you a Belize returnee? Care to make a suggestion or two to an AC dive virgin?

AZ Wayne

Wayne, nothing wrong with a few 'decompression beers' after a day of diving.

However, in the event that I consume more than 'copious amounts' of alcohol, I'm planning my diving around the crawl to prevent DCS.

This is going to be my first time to the island, but I've ready plenty of good things, and friends of mine have recommended it. I won't be doing the Blue Hole dive, but I'm told the remainder of the atolls are a 'must'.

Of course, Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley are must do's from everything that I've heard and read.

I'm diving with Peter at Protech and am arranging an atoll trip with him. I don't know how big his boats are, or how booked he is that week, but if you don't have a dive op lined up yet, why not hop on board. I'll be diving by my lonesome for most of the week as I'm the only hardcore diver in my group.

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