We just returned from nearly 2 incredible weeks on Caye Caulker. I think the most important thing I can say to people that are considering Belize or any part of it is that message boards like this one and other websites that we visited were very important in helping us to understand what we should expect to experience and as a result, our expectations were fulfilled to a tee.

For example, I find it so interesting that from time to time I read on this forum that someone is unhappy that the beaches on CC are not great. I guess I don't understand why they are expecting great beaches because every website is quite clear that CC is not known for it's beaches. I encourage everyone who's considering Belize to inform themselves well on what to expect and where. Travel books on Belize are a great place to start.

We stayed at Caye Caulker Condos the entire time we were in Belize. Barb and her staff treated us wonderfully and the room was exactly what their website said it would be. We felt very pampered.

We went on a Belize Zoo / Cave tubing expedition, we went to the Maya ruins at Altun Ha and went snorkelling a couple of times. We used Anwar Tours exclusively and were thoroughly impressed with the experiences we had with them. We really treated ourselves by taking the water taxi over to Caye Chapel for a day of golf and spa treatments.

We ate at many restaurants but did not get to all of them. They ranged from the more expensive Don Corleone's, Agave and Habanero's to more average like Rose's and Happy Lobster to the very reasonable Jolly Roger and Wish Willy's (which was our most favorite). For shakes, smoothies and happy hour beers, Femi's was our place to hang.

We had chosen CC because we were looking for a quieter place to have our vacation. We did spend a few hours in San Pedro and didn't like it, but talked to many people who loved it there.

There was a wide variety of choices for accomodations from the very cheap to fairly expensive. There were many restaurants we didn't get to try like Rasta Pasta and Rainbow Grill and Syd's. There were a number of other tour companies like Mario's and Ragamuffin and others. We're not divers, but there were some choices there as well.

What was very cool to experience is that we seldom heard a complaint about an accomodation or a restaurant or a tour company, no matter whom we talked to. I think that is a great thing to be able to say as it seemed to us that everyone was enjoying the experience of being in Caye Caulker.

We found that if you showed any kind of genuine interest in the people that live in CC, they would open up their hearts and warm to us quickly and we felt that we made some new friends there.

I could go into much more detail, but I'm not sure where to start or end. If anyone would like specifics of any kind, please feel free to PM us and we'll try to pass on any tidbits of info that we can to assist others.

We can honestly say that this vacation had resulted in the most difficult readjustment than any other to the "real world" of going back to work. That speaks volumes about how much we enjoyed Caye Caulker. How privileged we were to be there and thanks to everyone there that played a small part in it. There are so many places that we want to see and experience in this world but I sure hope that we can come back to Caye Caulker some day.

We are sadly back in cold Winnipeg but our hearts will forever be warm with our memories of Belize, in particular, Caye Caulker.