smile Canuk-Diver, you do realize that I'm a Canuk diver, don't you?

In any event, I'm in Calgary so chances of me coming on over for a dive in the Great Lakes (that lots of my American chums love to do), are slim to none. Like I said, if I can't do the dive in 3mm or less, then I'm not interested anymore. Were I interested in cold water diving, there is an extremely active little dive community around here, that does Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake, most every weekend possible. I trained in Minnewanka, for both my OW and Advanced. I've been diving in Lake C'oeur d'Alene, Waterton Lake and Premier Lake, BC. Shudder. I'm done with the cold water diving.

Also, I'm just not really into wrecks, never have been. Maybe it is a girl thing, dunno. (shrugs)

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