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Oh, now I'm going to hijack. I loved San Andres. When were you there? Actually, I loved Proviencia even more. They're just so darn expensive to get to from the US.....

JeanH, we were there in 2005. We absolutely loved it, but the reef is starting to die with tourism and increased population. Atleast, that's what some of my close friends / divers have reported to me in the last few years since I was there last.

I didn't get a chance to go to Providencia. I heard it's beautiful. I did go to Cayo Bolivar though. The diving was incredible.

It's extremely inexpensive to get to from Canada. It's a regular chartered destination out of Montreal and Toronto in the winter months through Air Transat/Nolitours. You can sometimes find rates as low as $600 all-inclusive for a week, and under $1000 for two weeks depending on when you book.