In planning my first vacation to Belize (AC) it seems that if I don't scuba dive it would really be a shame, but here is the problem, I don't dive! I love to snorkel, and I have SNUBA'ed in Hawaii, and one time I did one of the little resort classes in Aruba (but that didn't go so good, and I didn't end up diving), I have looked into taking a class here, but the nearest one is an hour away and is a huge time commitment that is spread out over a three month period. All I want is something a little more than snorkeling, if I spent the time and money to become a cert. diver I wouldn't be able to take advantage of it, and would forget more than I learned between vacations..... So what would you guys advise? Just be happy with the snorkeling? I know that SNUBA isn't widely excepted by true divers, but it was perfect for me because I could go down deeper than I am able to snorkeling for longer, but not all that goes with real diving. Is there anything similar in AC?? Is there some type of "mini SCUBA" class a person could take???

Thanks for the help.