May the novelty of diving never wear off for me!! Sure, there are days where I don't get the exact same thrill. Usually, that is because I am tired from other activities. And then, of course, I have hundreds of dives off of Ambergris Caye and so one day a dive site that I've done dozens of times before, may not be as thrilling as a completely new dive site at a new (to me) island.

All that said, I do still get thrilled. As I was telling Canuk-diver the other day, I was dropping down onto a site I've been on many many times before and somehow or other, a nurse shark or two managed to get tangled about in my legs as I kicked down. What are the chances???!!! So yeah, back to the WOW factor, just like that!!

And look at Harriette, who no doubt, has many many more dives off Ambergris Caye than do I . . she's still thrilled, thrilled!! Heck, look at Everette . . can't even imagine how many dives he's got and also it is his work . . and still . . still . . he can be thrilled, thrilled . . .

Taking up SCUBA changed my life and I mean, completely changed my life and the only thing I regret about it, is that I didn't take it up sooner.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?