You said it! Not only do I still get thrilled I still occasionally get an anxiety attack.
I think it is important to share this kind of information with others – for me especially women.
Before I lived here - on my first dive of every trip whether it was in the south pacific, Atlantic or Caribbean I would go through this terrible routine.

“Why am I doing this? I’m going to die, I know I can’t breath, ect.”

Then I would have to simply decide I would rather die than embarrass myself and go over or in! By the time I got to the bottom I would be asking myself “What was all that nonsense? This is fabulous!”

That had not happened for a few years then Sunday I found myself wanting to chicken out on diving on Monday. I just went diving anyway – and WOW!

For you out there who are still reluctant I want to beg you to try it. I was 57 when I got certified and am now 70 and still in love with this sport. I’m also fat and my body feels better in the water, neutrally buoyant than anyplace on earth.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles