You said it perfectly. When I was 51 I decided I was going to Australia, and if I was going there I better see the Great Barrier Reef. If I was going to see the reef, I better do it properly. Next thing I knew I was enrolled in Frank White's PADI course.

I love scuba and I am sometimes afraid. But once I am in the water and swimming with the fishes there is nothing else. I can't think of anything better except.... well that's a different story. What I did in Australia was be honest. I told them I am a new diver, hardly any dives under my belt and nervous. For an extra $10.00 a day I had my own dive guide to hold my hand and watch over me. There was nothing like it. Now I just tell them I am "high-maintenance" and no one cares.

You go girl.... maybe someday we can go together.


It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped