kaybee, if you just took up skiing would you go on the Black Diamond run after your lessons? Save the Blue Hole and Turneffe, until you will truly appreciate them.

You are going to be just loving what you see on the local dives, that they will be more than special enough.

Scubaldy, I get a bit anxious from time to time too. It's almost always because I'm tired that day, for one reason or another. I know I need to do more exercise and lose more weight so that I feel more confident of being able to care for myself, let alone others, whilst on the surface and reboarding. I almost never experience any anxiety as long as I am below the surface. That said, I had a little elevator ride last month, that took me from 60' to 30' before I got hold of it. That made me a bit anxious. smile

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?