It's 1:30AM, and I just got in the door to our home about an hour ago.

I'm pretty tired, but I owe all of you who showed an apology, and ESPECIALLY to the Taco's and all the folks who put the crawl together. Due to circumstances, I slept (yes... slept) through the majority of the crawl.

I'm not using it as an excuse, but my son decidedly caught a cold the day before we left and was very tough to put to bed, and our daughter decided she likes to wake up really early. That coupled with a 4-dive day and a bad decision to have a nap before heading to the Lime Bar resulted in a nap gone awry....

Had I known how to get ahold of some of you the next day, I most certainly would have.

Wish we had been there.... frown

Again... my most sincerely apology to all.

On another note, once I have caught up on sleep and my job, I'll have a trip reports and photos (above and below water) of my trip. Despite a VERY rocky start (I'll elaborate in my trip report), our visit to San Pedro, Belize was an amazing trip. cool