Neolib Trade Deals Zapped in Cuba

Havana, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) The 7th Hemispheric Meeting on the Struggle against Free Trade Agreements and for the Peoples Integration concludes Friday in this capital, after several days of debates attended by delegates from 32 countries.

Representatives of grass-root organizations denounced the negative consequences of free trade agreements in the region that establish the neoliberal system as economic policy.

On Thursday, the participants condemned the irrational strategy to produce biofuels, which has rocketed prices and threatens food security, particularly in underdeveloped nations.

The increase of military bases in Latin America and the Caribbean was also censured in a panel, noting that over a dozen zones of occupation have been created in the area in the last years.

Bertha Caceres, from the Civic Council of Honduran Grass-root and Indigenous Organizations (COPINH), denounced the excessive mobilizations of US soldiers with blatant pretext of offering social aid. In addition, delegates from Ecuador, Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico denounced the use of militarization of Latin American societies by the US and its allies.

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