Hmmm... wow.

This is pretty interesting... there has always been an annual "dock permit fee" but this will increase that by about 10X... It will be interesting to see who (and using what criteria) will assess exactly "how much dammage an existing dock is causing."

...and for people living/working north of town, having a pier (and rebuilding it after a storm) is somewhat a necessity... it's your driveway. Perhaps the SPTC should put revenues from this new tax towards constructing/maintaining a road up north then people would be less dependent upon water transportation (that of course, has its own implications impact-wise.)

And what about the env. impact of Geotubes (basically high tech jetty's) and seawalls with respect to currents, setiment, etc. How about an annual Seawall tax??? It's difficult to imagine that a 5' high rock covered Geotube jetty by Boca Del Rio is going to enhance the beach experience there...

...this all certainly opens a can of worms.