So correct me if I'm wrong, but the above mentioned "Geotubes" are basically large/strong fabric "tubes" or containers that are filled with dredged up materials/sludge... the water drains out, solids stay inside... they're used to make jetty's and sea walls...

See for some pics of areas where they have been used.

So the SPTC is planning on assessing a tax on EXISTING piers, in part for the "environmental impact" they are having, then they will take that $ to purchase large bags to be filled with material dredged up to try to prevent erosion.


May I ask what happens to the beach/water SOUTH of any constructed Geotube where the water will stagnate? Go look at the water in front of any seawall on the island and let me know how attractive you think it is? Go on, wade around in it and let me know...

Jetty's and seawalls (Geotubes or whatever you might name them) do little to "protect the environment" as suggested above. They protect property. Beaches and shorelines are fluid... There is a constant ebb and flow back and forth. Beaches erode and change, that's what they do. If the SPTC is trying to prevent flooding and protect property, sure, put up jetty's and seawalls... If you're trying to "nourish" the beaches, dump a bit of sand on them, spread it out, enjoy it and yes, watch it probably wash away... then do it all over again.

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