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(note to self, save this thread for later cuz carbunket may just have to eat his words)...

Obviously, others will have to merge as well, it will be very interesting to see...
The reason that I say this is that Northworst screws anyone who flies out of MEM. Our options are driving to Little Rock, AR (2hrs) or to Nashville (3hrs) to get a break on flights. There were rumors to Southwest coming to Tunica, MS (45min) but that fell short. Northwest needs the competition to lower some prices, a flight to Fayetteville, AR (Wallmart's HQ) is over 500.00 round trip.
Not everyone can fly out of IAH and be in Belize in 2 hours like some people I know...(cowering fearing that TQ will smack me next time she sees me!)
Obviously this is your field and I don't know all the facts but if you want to talk forklift parts then let me know grin

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But why eat my vegetables I already know that I am short!