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Moratorium Set on Supermarkets & Hardware Stores

If the general public and business community feels that San Pedro is saturated with Supermarkets and Hardware stores, the Trade License Board feels so as well.

The Trade License Board held a meeting and decided to implement a moratorium on Supermarkets and Hardware Stores on Thursday, March 27. The Moratorium is set to last from six months to an indefinite period.

San Pedro is a fast growing community and with tourists coming in and out of the island, both tourists and locals need everyday necessities which can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets. But recently there has been lots of competition among hardware stores and supermarkets which seem to be expanding every year or a new business being built. This could be the few reasons why the Trade License Board sought to place a moratorium on both supermarkets and hardware stores.

With so many businesses competing against each other, the moratorium was a good idea since there are presently six supermarkets and eleven hardware stores on the island. With this in mind perhaps other boards will see it fit to plan another meeting and discuss other saturated businesses on the island and place a moratorium on other businesses such as bars, per say.