SHHHHHH!! mad, Don't give the government any ideas or they will establish a fishing licence. cry (If that did happen), Here is how you would need to get your licence. F.Y.I (you would need a guide to be by your side while fishing at all times for safety reasons because they know how to remove hooks and stuff). But first you would have to take your test, but only residents can take the test, Oh maybe you would be able to take the test if you pay like $1000.00US (for a three month licence) mad, Then you go to Belize city on a Tuesday and take the written part, than (if you pass) blush , Maybe on Thursday or Friday you can go back to Belize city and take the hands-on part of the test, And if you pass you can pick up your "actual" licence (again In Belize City) in a couple of months or so. But don't get caught fishing off the piers without a licence (or a fishing guide) or the fines could be $5000.00US and 10 years in jail. I am so glad WE DO NOT need a fishing licence in Belize............YET eek