Whilst my response is not really about supermarkets, a related/relevant concern has been raised and I'd like comment on it.

About JZB's comment on condo-hotels ....... I think that there are several different aspects to the condo-hotel projects and that future programs may require a multi-faceted approach.

Construction is one thing - does the building create too much density for current infrastructure, etc. Does it conform to the master plan, etc. If a proposed building conforms to building standards then a building permit should be issued.

Proliferation of rentable rooms is another thing - if you want to limit the number of rentable rooms the best way is to limit the number and type of hotel licenses granted by the BTB.
There are minimum standards in the license provisions and a lot of licensees do not perform up to these standards. Shoddy rooms do nothing for our image as a destination - BTB can pull licenses for the serious dumps, fire hazzards, and brothels (I refer to none here on AC --- but there are some scary stories elsewhere) and make more real room licenses available for properly run businesses. BTB can make a target for a % for hotel, a % for lodges, a % for apartment-style condos, a % for detached residences. These categories already exist and perhapos we can make a more balanced island tourist-offering if we take a look at managing that.

Assuming that every condominium is a condo-tel may reflect the bulk of today's market, but there is a case to be made for condos that are real residences for people who would like to live here. You cannot de-facto look at a condo building and say that it is going to dent existing hotel businesses.

Right now we have BTB hotel-licensing provisions for anything rented for less than 6 months. All these rentals are treated the same, but I think that is probably too broad an approach.
I suggest that rentals of 30-180 days could be treated differently than those of under 30 days.
I'm told that there are a lot of people who would like to come here for longer stays (a month to 6 months) and would like to rent but can't find anything affordable due to the nightly rental focus. This is a whole area of business is not being promoted now. I think there is probably a market niche that homes and some condos alike could serve without hurting hotels at all.

It is also notable that the really well-run proprties report occupancies as high as 90%. To succed as a destination, regardless of the number of rooms, we need more and better marketing and management plans. I think if Belize starts competing with other countries instead of internal competition between hotels on the same island or in the same town, we may see a whole different (better) scenario arise.