Is there a condo complex that doesn't rent rooms as a hotel? Are any of the condos not built yet, being built soley for residential living? Maybe there are but the majority of the buildings are being put on the short term market which is what makes them attractive to many buyers. Buy a condo and have the tourists pay your mortgage! Although this statement is hardly the truth in many complexes it will become increasing so as the tourists are spread out over more and more units meaning less and less money for the condo owner and a less attractive investment for future buyers. This may all change if/when we get some direct flight from Europe

But I do agree condos fill a niche that nothing else can. I may own one myself one day when I'm tired of maintaining a house.

Has the BTB ever pulled anyones hotel license for running a dump? I've managed a couple homes with BTB licenses and continue to run my own and not once has the BTB come out to inspect the houses or talk with me about policies and standards even though I was told they would. I think we can all agree that the BTB has some work to do and some changes to the 30 day+ stay would certainly benefit everyone. Maybe with the new BTB heads something will get done and we will finally know what happens to all that money we send them! smile