I agree with many of the points Diane and Ebbe have brought up - however - since a pier is not always a luxury but a necessity in some areas who will determine who can and cannot have a pier? If you already have a pier and nobody on 300 ft either side of you is permitted to have a pier the neighbours will be forced to utilize your pier which essentially converts this into a community pier and therefore I would think this would then become a co-operative arrangement with no one entity having more say or more priviledges than any other person. Therefore it would then follow suit that these piers would then need to be placed at the end of public easements only.

I know that I am pleased to have a pier that I have some control over and I can keep it well maintained and serviced - the neighbours all have piers and although it is not the prettiest of sights, it is nice not having anybody using or abusing the piers. But in other neighbourhoods I am amazed when I see taxis and larger vehicles driving up and down with goods deliveries - damaging the piers and then shrugging their shoulders when asked who will pay for the damage and wear and tear.

It looks like the pier regulation situation is finally coming to a head.

An open forum would be a step in the right direction so that the town council and DOE will have the input to consider.