I bought a bicycle today. Had to, as the one I'd had (remarkably) for two years was stolen yesterday (along with lots of other things I've heard about, including a boat).

So I went to several shops and finally decided on SP Hardware, south of town. After some time waiting while they fitted a basket and prepped the bike I was soon back home. Then I discovered a fault with the frame that had been there from manufacture back in China, an incorrect steering component. Meant that the steering would always be loose.

Back to the shop. After I explained the fault we checked their entire stock of bicycles, and discovered several others with the same fault. Without a single word of complaint, the shop transferred the basket to a different machine and I now have a correctly working bicycle.

My point is that although under normal law the shop was bound to replace it anyway they did so totally willingly. They even asked my advice on how they could cure the faulty machines, and between us we came up with a solution. They thanked me for bringing it to their notice, and they meant it. Two thumbs up for SP Hardware.

I chatted to the young guy who prepared the new bicycle, and along the way asked him why there were so many Lebanese-owned businesses in San Pedro/Belize. The answer was simple and incontrovertible - "Would you want to live in the Lebanon with the constant fighting there is there?". And "Belize offered us a new peaceful life, and we're very grateful to be here".