I find a lot of excitement and energy happing here since the March election! I too am amazed at how few people acknowledge the various news postings on San Pedro Daily. I think those of us who live here are a small minority of this board and most of the regulars ‘just want to have fun.’
Maybe Marty should set up a board for us???
Each week one of the local politicians has attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting and given reports. Yesterday the engineer for the planning department gave an excellent report on docks and waste and asked for our help.
The police report in the San Pedro Sun listed at least five busts on DRUG DEALERS, not just end users. I was told that one of the local bars was fined and a prostitute was arrested.
Now, before anyone starts a rant – I would like to see marijuana decriminalized and prostitution legalized. But until it is . . .
AND the Prime Minister named his ex-wife to be ambassador to the UN! Puts a difference face on nepotism.
I have high hope for this country.

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