ScubaLdy, I I subscribe to the San Pedro Daily and read it every day. It provides me with different information, good and bad, on a place I hope to live and different than what I learn on the MB. I also look at the weeklies, AC Today and SP Sun, and was watching TV News 5 & 7 but they remind me to much of the “drive by media” here: Always the sensational very little on the good things.
My point is: I do like “having fun” on the “board”, but I am extremely interested in the National and local politics of Belize. It provides insight for the future. I can only speak for my self and not the others: I do not provide input on discussions such as these because I do not live there, yet, and do not feel that I have a right to voice my opinion.
But I am still very interested in the discussion and the views present by all.
I did notice that there have been 197 views on this subject, but only 9 responses. Others are reading, so please continue to share.

"Hold on Tight To Your Dreams" ELO