AZBob and the many others who are not residents, and feel they have no right to voice an opinion onthe political picture; I used to feel exactly the same way. Not any longer however. My reasons are pretty simple, I think. The ol' girl and I have struggled for some time about moving to the island and take up Belikins, Cuban cigars and tarpon fishing on a daily and serious ambition. "(Please note that I use my name on my posts). We have postponed making the decision to move for several reasons. If all things were "equal" in my view I'd move in a heart beat,,, but I don't think they are. I visit the island 5>6 times a year just to fish, and when I come I am forced to see and hear of the conditions in the system, like the universal health thing, the public school thing, the needs for hospitals and doctors, the question surrounding the tax structure and its funds utiliztion, talks of the sale of reservation lands, the banking systems intrest rate structure, and what appears to be a lack of foresight by the administrations in the tourism industry, etc, etc. Today, I am content being a frequent tourist in San Pedro. When a few of the proposed constitutional ammendments are realities I will probably change my mind. At worse, I may be denied entry or sent home for speaking my mind. I find it distressing that many of the locals that I have spoken with seem either "not well informed or under some form of political intimidation". Although I am not easily intimidated it would be tough for me to say "I had been thrown out of better places".

I'll be happy to discuss my avatar with anyone who knows what it is.