I was very impressed Thursday at the Chamber of Commerce meeting. The Deputy Mayor brought the chief engineer – part of the planning department. He said some things that set him apart from many of the long time politicals here: “We do not have to reinvent the wheel! We can learn from other countries.” WOW
He said a lot of other things but I’m going to let that digest for awhile.

ABob – I totally understand. I came here eight times before I made the total move. I did that once I felt so heart sick about where I was leaving I had higher hope of coming to a place that was evolving.

Although people speak of Belize as being a third world country, and much of the country is, the Cayes are more in the ‘emerging nations’ class. In the US I felt helpless- here I feel useful. Although there are a handful of people who consider themselves ‘locals’ and resent anything immigrants suggest there are just as many if not more people who are starting to accept ideas other than their own.

I like the old saying “If you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem.”
These are exciting times!

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