I finally caught up after hiding on my isolated mountain property for the weekend (second only to AC for mental adjustment). I appreciate all of your responses and it is so very obvious that I have a lot to learn about the political history of Belize. I had drawn to many assumptions because of British Honduras being part of the “Empire” until 1981. It is a totally independent young country and I have always thought as Harriette said “it is an emerging nation”, so far ahead of other Central American countries. But as Don pointed out “when I come I am forced to see and hear of conditions in the system, like … universal health,…public schools, …doctors & hospitals, …tax structure,…lack of foresight…” are all problems this “youngster” is facing. Yes, Elbert, hopefully, they can learn from “the US ... 200 years of experience…mistakes made…and some of the things that worked.” I hope in the future I can present valid comments and, yes Harriette, I hope to be a little part of the solution and none of the problem. Thanks Elbert for the nice comment.
My political education really begins:
Interesting article in today’s SP Daily that fits into this discussion:
Time for constitutional reform in Belize
Wellington C. Ramos
“They did not do anything to involve the people of Belize to engage in such deliberations that were necessary. As a result, our country was given this document which required several changes in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government without extensive debate and public input.”
Is this commentary or fact?

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