from Frank Redmond, quoted above by the San Pedro Sun

I have never been one to seek publicity, but the recent actions of GOB
forced me not to remain silent as the consumer will be suffering.

I have been exporting corn and re-importing the finished product for 10
years. Prior to that, Belize just imported corn flour. 5 years ago, when the
local corn flour factory opened, GOB stopped issuing flour permits to me,
saying that they wished to promote local manufacturing.
The local product was quickly seen as not suitable (poor quality) for the
tortilla factories, and I was allowed to continue importing but only in bulk
for the tortilla factories, and specifically instructed not to sell to the retail
trade. This I did.

Today, permits are only being given to the non productive importer
businesses, some say with the right connections.

The San Pedro tortilla factory is being asked to pay 38% more for his flour
than I was charging. This is disgraceful and can only lead to further pain
for the consumer.

But, you make up your own mind.