Fellow Message Boarders,

My husband and I, along with some great friends and colleagues, have been working to secure the donation of a playground for the students of Holy Cross and the children of San Pedro. We have been fortunate enough to get the donation of a complete playground set previously used in a place called Discovery Zone. This set was owned by a church in Louisiana and they have given the equipment to be sent to San Pedro and erected at Holy Cross. This set is similar to the types found at a McDonald’s. We have also secured the donation of a 48 foot trailer and shipping costs to get the equipment from St. Louis, MO to Houston, Texas. In addition to the playground, the trailer is loaded with approximately 8 pallets of various school, office and first aid/healthcare supplies for Holy Cross, along with the trailer itself which will remain at the school for storage. We have run into a few snags trying to get someone to donate the transportation costs from Houston to San Pedro but with the assistance of Vernon and Francis Wilson of Holy Cross School, we have been able to secure quotes for the transportation. The most reasonable quote we have received is $6,500.00 for the transport from Houston through Mexico and into San Pedro. To date, through various avenues, we have been able to secure donations of $2,600.00 towards the shipping costs. We would like to ask all of you who love San Pedro and it’s people, to help with the cost of shipping through donations. We have been working with Holy Cross, Vernon and Francis, to set up a collection point for these donations. Through an affiliation with a church in North Carolina, we have made arrangements for the donations to be collected and the church to provide a tax deduction letter to anyone donating for these shipping costs. If you would like to donate towards the shipping, please send your donations to: Peace Church 520 Taberna Way, New Bern, NC, 28562. The church has suggested that when making a donation, do so in the form of a check made payable to “Peace Church Discretionary Fund” and enter a note in the memo section stating “Playground Transportation Donation”. The church will then reply to each donor with a letter of thank you for the charitable donation which can be used for tax purposes. We are getting close to half-way to our goal and we ask that you help make this possible by your generous contributions, no amount is too small or too large! We will be providing periodic updates of the running total of the fund. If you would like more information, please feel free to send me a message or you can email Holy Cross at [email protected] . Thanks in advance for any donation you are able to make and hopefully we will all be able to see the children of San Pedro enjoying this playground for years to come!